The Murphy Fund


Murphy was the beloved companion of one of our volunteers. He was king of his home for all of his twelve years. Murphy was loved, protected and cherished. He was one of the lucky ones. He never knew one moment of hunger or thirst, or unnecessary pain. But if he wasn't a rescue dog, why is there a "Murphy Fund"?

Because Murphy was special. Like Will Rogers, he never met anyone he didn't like, and in return, he was loved by his family, friends, and the neighborhood children. He was described as "the dog who gave out Halloween candy." He was the dog who won third prize in the Fourth of July parade and got his picture in the local paper. He was a "Pied Piper," gathering friends wherever he traveled. And his passing left a huge hole in many hearts.

As a tribute to his legacy of love, the Murphy Fund was established to help those Goldens who require much more than ordinary support before going to their forever homes... the ailing seniors or the younger dogs with extraordinary medical needs.

Murphy loved every living thing. He would be proud to know that his Fund is helping to save lives of these special Goldens. Please help keep his legacy of love alive by donating to the Murphy Fund today.

Your donations help save Golden Retrievers and place them in new adoptive homes. Dallas Fort Worth Metro Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) corporation run entirely by volunteers and wholly funded by contributions. You donations provide veterinary care for sick and injured Goldens from the DFW area, and we carefully place them in loving homes. Please call (972) 608-4488 and leave your name, phone number and your message about donating; or e-mail us at: Tax-deductible donations to the Murphy Fund may be sent to DFWMGRR, PO Box 794374, Dallas, TX 75379 ... or click the button below to donate via PayPal.


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